Road transport

Semov Sped Ltd. offers to its esteemed customers road transport of full and partial loads with flatbed trucks, trucks specialized for transport of apparel, trailers, refrigerated trucks and vans.

The advantages of road transport compared to other modes of carriage include speedy delivery, flexibility in suiting customer needs, door-to-door delivery options as well as the chance to always keep live contact with the driver of the vehicle.

Our services include:

  • Full trucks and consolidation of small shipments throughout Bulgaria, from and to all European countries, Middle East and Central Asia.
  • Carriage of dangerous goods (ADR)
  • Carriage of oversized goods
  • Carriage of merchandise that needs constant temperature control

We are fully aware that the information for the progress of your shipments can be of crucial importance for the smooth proceeding of the manufacturing and commercial operations in your company, that is why our team is ready to provide information on the goods that we make transport of any time of day and night, any day of the week (24/7).

Road transport

Oversized cargo transport

Our team specializes in the transport of non-standard / oversized cargo. This type of transport is suitable for land transport of machinery, construction and agricultural machinery, inseparable parts and products.

At each step of the realization of the transport, we can assist you with information about the movement of goods. Our staff will take care of issuing all necessary permits and transport documents.

Oversized cargo transport

Railroad transports

Through our partners we are in position to offer you railroad transportation of goods to and from West and Central Europe, Eastern Europe, the Balkan Peninsula, ex-Soviet countries, the Middle East and Asia.

We will work out the optimal route for the delivery of your goods and we can also:

  • follow up the wagons carrying your loads and notify you of their exact current location;
  • supervise loading and unloading operations;
  • arrange road transport of the goods to the final destination;
  • make you an offer for all kind of shipments with regular, private and special-purposes wagons via railroad;
  • to participate in organization of transit transportation with dedicated wagons and block-trains.
Railroad transports

Air freight

As far as air freight operations are concerned, we are always ready to offer you optimal solutions for carriage of goods that are located at a long distance places and at the same time need express delivery.

Through the network of our partners, we shall offer you logistics solutions entirely in line with the delivery terms and budget corresponding to the particular situation of yours and to also assist in:

  • keeping the goods in a warehouse;
  • packaging and/or palletizing
  • delivery door-to-door
  • customs agency;
  • organization of domestic transportation.
Air freight

Sea and river transport

Sea and river transport is quite cost effective when carrying bulk goods long distance and usually is the best possible solution from both business and environmental perspective. This mode of transport sets no limitations whatsoever as to the quantity, volume and size of the loads.

Semov Sped Ltd. can offer to your kind attention:

  • transport of containers FCL/LCL
  • handling at port
  • fitting goods into containers and vice versa
  • carriage of machines and oversized articles
  • transport of items meant for exhibitions and trade fairs;
  • we are also able to further forward the goods from/to the port by way of road transport
  • customs agency
  • delivery to customer’s door
  • there is also an option to supervise loading and unloading of your goods
Sea and river transport

Warehouse keeping and reloading

Together with our partners in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Ruse and Burgas we can offer you added value services related to your specific needs and requirements.

As part of the extra services that can go with the freight service itself we can:

  • carry out loading and unloading operations;
  • keep part of the cargo in our warehouses;
  • label, foil-wrap and repack any goods;
  • collect items with fixed time of delivery from any point specified by you;
  • to deliver any shipment at a fixed time of delivery;
  • to assist in buying cargo insurance policy at best prices and optimal conditions for you;
  • to assist in customs clearance of your goods and preparation of all necessary accompanying papers;
Warehouse keeping and reloading